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Uncensored version of In The Kneesocks Girl [English, 210 pictures, Uncensored], by Arsenal

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the best girls in this manga are the blondes, but that one isn't bad either :D

8 months after I first shared it, In The Kneesocks Girl is back in a fully UNCENSORED version, all thanks to the great work and dedication of Zee, admin of ! I think he deserves some thankful comments, IMO :)

This manga is full of good things, friends, sisters, in uniform, and lots of sex ! That said, ITKG is the first tank Arsenal has made, and it is visible, the quality will vary very fast, and there are quite a few disappointing pictures, giving an anticlimatic feeling on various occasions.

Still, all in all, this is a good complete hentai manga for you, the blondes on top of all are excellent, feel free to take a look for yourselves ;)
And please, let’s not speak about the scenario, I’ll just delicately tell the manga is largely about brother-sister relations, the rest being plain if not far-fetched, I miss synomyms for the “boring” term.
My gratitude goes to Ryuu No Tamashii, and also to Zathael, Wadauo Black4dr, Ehud and Leopark, and also, of course, to Zee for the quality decensoring :)

And if you’re a real Kneesocksphile, the Nylon God recommends you THIS :twisted:

By Arsenal, I also share Hajimete No Otouto Ijiri.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(113 MB, 210 pictures, English)

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Ooh, uncensored now. Very nice. My thanks goes out to Zee for decensoring it, and Oliver for sharing it.


I just got back from posting a big thank you over on Zee's site, and now I am here thanking *you*, Oliver, for sharing this here.


Feliz navidad Oliver!!!! XD muchas gracias por compartir tu tiempo con nosotros.


One of my favorites :D


You can find DeManga viewer software and this manga repacked with the uncensored japanese version (47MB eng+jap) here
Looks like the uncensorship can migrate into other languages with that program!!


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