The Yamatogawa TOTAL Pack has been updated, and is once again up to date :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Yamatogawa rules, definitely :)

There’s a chance you’ll appreciate the info, I have updated my Yamatogawa total pack :)

As the name implies, I repacked absolutely EVERYTHING there is by Yamatogawa to this day in a single pack. I meant it : everything. Uncensored versions replaced censored versions, and the best-looking scans were kept when there was a choice.

The update consists in 2 things :
– addition of Power Play 5
– the Total Pack is now inside ONE .rar file, it’s not anymore split between 2 .rar files. It’s less complication for me, I hope it won’t come as a bother for you.

The Yamatogawa TOTAL pack is available on THAT page, enjoy ! :)

In short, that means 1258 pages of god-level awesome hentai, most of it uncensored :german:

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"1258 pages of god-level hentai" indeed :D