Temporary post : yeah, I know about the broken preview pictures. It should be working again soon, hopefully.

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
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I just noticed the preview pictures in my posts are not working right now, only showing their alt field “english hentai” (this alt field being also known as “10 years ago, Google was taking this into consideration for rankings”).

It should be working again pretty soon, I guess it’s a server bug, it happens when you resort to free third-party picture hosting in order to avoid ruining yourself with additional extra expensive hosting fees.

In the worst case, the posts contain TWO pictures galleries, hosted at TWO different picture hosts, precisely for the cases when shit like that happens.
So, if you’re still affected by this problem at the time you read my post, simply open the pictures galleries, their links are in the posts, OK ? ^^

Mind you, a message for the webmasters and php-and-script well-informed persons, please, take a look at imagevenue.com , would you know of a script that would work the same, that I could upload on a personal hosting of mine, for my own use ?
I’d be curious :)

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13 years ago

you may want to try 4images – http://www.4homepages.de/ . although mainly german (full english support) and not really just a “script”, it is quite neat. hf!

13 years ago

http://www.4homepages.de/ is a management system that can be installed on a system. you can not install such a system on blogspot (blogger).

what he need is something like imagefap.com…