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Like A Mermaid [English, 186 pictures], by Azuki Kurenai

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Don't give me that shit, FUTA MERMAIDS ? :D

So. Futanari is the true form of mermaids.
Look, that makes sense. They have bewitching power over men’s lust, they traded their fins for legs and formidable swimming talent in order to blend in more easily with humans. And they have a dick they can make appear, or remove, at will.
Oh, and angels look after them for their safety.

« *fapfapfap* Yeah! It’s a cool scenario !! », will reply the futa fans ? ;)

I have to thank a LOT Ehud for this manga, he’s the one who informed me of its existence. I don’t know who translated it, nor when it was released, it’s one of those mangas that manage to slip under my radar :)
Hey, if you know of other “not brand new” complete mangas I ought to share but that I missed, you’re welcome to contact me !

I share MORE stuff by Azuki Kurenai, Cf. The Updated List ! :)

– Tragic update : 2Hip informed us it was a rewrite, made by a person called Goat. Sob  ! T_T

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(70 MB, 186 pictures, English)

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Oliver, here's a resolution you can do for this new year: stop putting a coma after "…pictures]". The coma is wrong. I don't know in French, but in English is wrong. People don't say "plastic girl…….. by madonna", they say "plastic girl by madonna." No coma, no time between words.


You mean "comma", right?

I'm no expert on English grammar, but could you place a comma after "…pictures]" if you wánt the reader to read a pause? The comma may be unneeded then, but not necessarily incorrect. That's how it works in Dutch at least. I'm from the Netherlands and therefore it's a rule I automatically follow. I'm curious if it's correct, though.


fyi: This is a re-write by goat.


fyi 2: goat is a member at my forum.


fyi 3: And has made a few. Full manga re-writes.


oh god, this is soooooooooooooooooooo old it isnt funny. I saw this like 4 years ago rofl. still, nice ninja. Never knew this was a rewrite. Pretty well done for once rofl.


Many thanx Oliver. I really enjoyed this 1.


Hey now, this is a halfway decent scenario. Not the best (it tends to jump over disbelief chasms the size of the Grand Canyon, particularly with how one-dimensional and hokey the hookup/relationship between Aya and Akira is…though I give the latter props for being all "I don't care that you're a futa" and all that cal), but it's decent. The sex is happy, and even the lengthy gangbang chapters were more a method of making Aya realize her potential, and Aya was not NTR/mind-breaking, though she was drowning in lust a bit there (more because she was enjoying herself a bit too much). Prolly the best of Kurenai's stories.