Redirection page : Kon-Kit’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
Tags: comedy

Would you look at that? Who wouldn't want to fap to death to this work of beauty?

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Kon-Kit that I share on Hentairules.

Fucking GREAT humour based on very original ideas, great sex (ranging between hugely censored to detailed and uncensored), there’s lots of things to love about this artist :)

An endearing idiosyncrasy of the mangas made by Kon-Kit, the same characters usually come back in several volumes, to have more “adventures. I reckon this can be quite confusing, so check this visual summary to help you a tiny bit ;)

First, the covers. Next (scroll down) comes the real list.


Yoridori Bitch [English, 193 pictures]
Note: this is a compilation of separate releases, not a full tank version.

Midara Books [English, 193 pictures]
Note: this is a “tanked” version, the original mag translations were ported to the tank scans.
And then, I brought my own value added and added helpful – well, from my own point of view lol – retouches on this tank version.

Bitch Trap [English, 197 pictures, Uncensored]

Netorare New Heroine [English, 216 pictures, Uncensored]

Torochichi Daitai Fuhoni Na Wakan [English, 200 pictures]
(“Involuntary But Consensual Sex”)

Honey Dip [English, 191 pictures, Uncensored]

Honey Dip Second Love [English, 197 pictures, Uncensored]

Yurushite Anata [English, 206 pictures, Uncensored Tank]
Note: this is the Uncensored Tank version. There were 2 versions first with ugly magazine scans, then in censored tank scans, until at last the present day version was released.

KayaNetori Kaya-Nee Series Aizou Ban [English, Uncensored, 197 pictures]

Unconfirmed Falling Object 1-3 [English]
Note: the chapters 1-2 are available, in better quality, inside the Bitch Trap manga (see above). However, today as I write it, the chapter 3 isn’t yet part of a complete manga. “Yet”: hopefully, some day… :3

Ningyo Ga Petto Ni Natta Hi [English, Uncensored and HILARIOUS ! :D ]
Note: yeah, once again… If I missed that this is now part of a complete manga, PLEASE, leave a comment to tell me, and I’ll perform the post updates that must be done. Thanks in advance ;)

The Prank Knight [English], an Evangelion hentai doujinshi

Lisa-Lisa The Showgirl [English], a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure hentai doujinshi

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13 years ago

i love this artist! Anymore of his works??

12 years ago

Love this guy, he never misses. Thanks for the upload.

5 years ago

Is the first picture from the Heroine tank, because it looks like NTR-ish sh**