Cheerful Family Planning [English], by Yamanobe Kitta

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 4 comments
Tags: comedy
Yeah, it's true, it's a bizarre story

I’m in a pinch. I have to give you an accurate description (my ultimate target is always to help you decide if it’s worth downloading for your own taste, I personally hate wasting bandwidth downloading stuff only to realize – too late – I don’t like it). But I don’t want to spoil you the story. And I don’t even know, myself, what to think about the story, honestly :-|

Thanks to Desu for the share :)

Let us say this is an incest story that, quite unusually, will call for your brain cells. This is technically non-rape sex, non-forced, every protagonist has sex on his own will without manipulation or coercion. But eventually, it gets closer to “psychological” drama than comedy. Hey, at least it was interesting, I don’t regret my download, me, the geek always complaining incest stories are boring to death !

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Hear, hear. :D

Still, this isn't a bad story either, in my opinion. I have to admit: after the first few pages I thought: good lord, not this boring shit again. Then came a rather… surprising "plot twist". Certainly makes you think about how some things are not what they appear to be on the surface.


I like it, thou I don't find it so deep: Mom is a masochist, period. No big deal.