BIG pack of 15 artbooks [758 pictures !] by the artist Masamune Shirow

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Is it allowed, to be so talented ?

OK, when you all finish drooling because of the picture above (just kidding : drool some more !), you may either bother to read this description, or jump to the pictures galleries and/or the download links ;)

If you only knew Ghost In The Shell, well, good news, there were more sides to Masamune Shirow than you imagined !

Simply, I gathered everything I could find by Masamune Shirow, 15 artbooks, 758 pictures, into a single pack :) The drawings are ASTOUNDING, with a nineties feeling, and a unique drawing style, definitely worth staying in my hentai collection, at least !
These artbooks are : Exon Depot 1, Galhound, haund book, Hell Cat, Hellhound Extra 1-3, Hyakki Shou, Intron Depot 1, Intron Depot 2 – Blades, Intron Depot 3 – Ballistics, Jashin Hunter, Pieces 1, Pieces 2, Togihime Zohoushi, Wild Wet Quest, and Wild Wet West.

Update : You can support Masamune Shirow by ACTUALLY BUYING his works, you know ;)

With 758 pictures, I had to make 3 pictures galleries.
Main links : gallery #1gallery #2gallery #3
Backup liks : gallery #1gallery #2gallery #3

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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