Ano Natsu Omoide No Umi [English], by Katsura Yoshihiro

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 5 comments
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Yummy !

This share is about disillusions and heartbreaks – but hey, please, no, don’t run away, it’s not that bad !

The male hero lusts after his long-forgotten female childhood friend, she’s all “candid great friend” with him. He doesn’t dare make a move on her, until he discovers she has a blooming happy sex life with another boy.

Just like many men, I experienced it, twice. When you’re already glad to be friend with a girl, secretly lusting, only to discover another boy didn’t wait, and you’re shown her sexual side when they snog in public and don’t hide they have sex. Or else, when a woman dumps you after you’ve been going out for a short while, you : being romantic and not rushing things, and her : rushing into having sex with a popular stallion.
It’s tempting to think “if I knew what I know today, I wouldn’t screw up like that, and I’d make advances much faster” – but, hey!, life is all about this, learning from mistakes, and regretting we’re not given more opportunities to NOT screw up again ;)

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This story was interesting in its own way (plus, it had GREAT sex ! :twisted: ), so, thanks a LOT to Cgrascal !

Now, HEY YOU, YOUNGLINGS ! I mean, the young men reading Hentairules !

I take advantage of this post.
If you’re in a situation like that, you don’t dare to tell a girl you like her and you shily stick to being great friend with her : this is bullshit. Either you see a girl as a friend (fapping to her image is nothing), either you really DO want her, in bed or close to you, or both. And, in this second case, staying “great friend” won’t do you good. Try your chance, you’ll most probably suffer an epic fail, but at last, then and only then, you’ll be really able to feel like “just a friend” properly again. And you’ll be much less scared to try your chance another time with another girl, in the end, it will be to your advantage.
And, hey, there’s a possibility you might get laid, who knows !
Anyway : women are real persons, like you, not scary monsters, they won’t eat you alive if you reveal you are interested in them, did you think they are blind anyway ? Things are better settled.

I write it with a humorous note, but I’m dead serious, all older men will tell you : go for it ! Sooner or later you’ll experience epic fails that will teach you how do to things right until you don’t fail anymore thanks to chance or experience. So, don’t waste time, it’s statistically bound to work sooner or later anyway, you’re just making things improve faster !

(I should make a special banner : “Hentairules, since 2006, helping people have more sex, alone OR not alone !” ;) )

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If hentai is a religion, you’d make a great pope, Oliver :D


Bitches n’ whores


i tried my luck and asked the girl i liked. funny thing though, it worked out just fine.


fucking amazing Oliver :D


hahah i love this kind of history….