Heavy Seventies Attack ! :D

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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I nurse a soft spot for the seventies and their crazy styles, after you’ve seen videos of it (being born in 78, I couldn’t see much of it live, could I ?), nothing else really seems excessive ^^

In this regard, I found a new standard for “WHAT THE HOLY FUCK IS THIS”, applied to pop singing. Usually, this type of “lulz stuff” stays within the boundaries of my twitter account, but, no, not today, I had to share the infamy ;)

Source : this is the ending of All That Jazz, a musical dated 1979, interesting in the fact that it was semi-autobiographic, and the ending we see is the comatose “dream” of the main character, a show-businessman, dying of exhaustion and insufficient care for his health, when, close to actual death, he finally enters acceptance regarding what’s coming for him. Read Wikipedia’s entry :)

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