Uncensored version of Safety Lodging House Utopian chapters 1-6 [English, 124 pictures]

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
Tags: comedy, Harem, nurse

Thanks to Saha’s great work, commissioned by Keikun6969 & Anonymous (thanks to them too :) ), the harem-manga Utopian gains a new chapter, featuring a French woman this time.

Now, THAT is the way I’d love France to be remembered, if you could, please, erase the face of President Sarkozy or the headbutt of soccer player Zidane from your brains, in order to just remember Utopian chapter 6, it would be perfect ;)
(Now that I think of it, do I really want to see France invaded by hordes of horny foreigners ? It may need consideration…)

Just like the previous times, I decensored this chapter, to offer a little more value added :)

At last, we discover what the Utopian project is. Finally, it wasn’t to turn Japan into a giant harem.

By Itoyoko, I also share Cute And Lovely Bust Nurse, the funny Erobato Fuka, Slave Girls, and the – frankly hyper lame – He is My Brutal Master 1-4.

A precision about the chapter 4, because I love making friends.
The chapter 4 stars a lolicon traumatized underage girl. For unfathomable reasons, I didn’t give a damn fuck about bothering to decensor it. If you really want the chapter 4 uncensored, and you want it badly, just do it yourself (here’s a good guide).

This manga is now finished (only up to chapter 7 is decensored), please get it here.

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13 years ago

the link for 1-6 on depositfiles is dead >.<

13 years ago

i think the link is dead.. pls guys re check and re upload it asap..

13 years ago

Many thanx Oliver.