Mozaiku X Sanshimai has been updated, now with an UNCENSORED chapter 9 :)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
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Tags: Tsundere

A few hours after I shared my repack of Mozaiku X Sanshimai, Monmon19 released his decensoring of the latest chapter of Mozaiku X Sanshimai. If I had known he’d be so fast, I would have waited for him -_-

Well, the fact remains, a cute tsundere brunette with big tits cosplaying while having sex is best without censorship bars, no doubt about it :twisted:

I updated the download links in the Mozaiku X Sanshimai 1-9 page with the new version of the chapter 9. Now, it’s up-do-date again :D

If you already downloaded my repack, then you’ll only need the new version of the chapter 9, you may get it here, or there, enjoy ! ;)

UPDATE : I now share the COMPLETE version of this manga,
it’s available on THAT page, enjoy the great dope ! :D


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13 years ago

Thanks for taking the time and effort to keep works like this up-to-date with the best versions possible.

13 years ago

Sorry if I'm feeling lazy at the moment, but does anyone happen to know how I can contact monmon19? It'd be great if we could make this a tie-up release for the decensored version, that way the releases can be more timely, and you can expect a decensored version right off the press. :D