A musical recommendation : Contrabendo, by Calvin Russell

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
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Please whip me, I wasted two decades of interest into music before I discovered Calvin Russell.

Contrabendo is the latest CD by this very talented artist, between rock and blues, it’s a live session, full of spirit, of power, of great music (no rly ?), with some memorable tunes… I strongly recommend it to you :)
On top of all, the tracks 2 (Free in Freedom), 13 (Soldier) and 16 (I Want To Change The World)… I don’t even have words to describe how good they are.

Europeans, you can listen it online at Deezer.

Americans, the greed, blindness and radical stupidity of the fucking music companies (mind you, your politicians aren’t bad either) don’t allow you to listen to it online yet, but I’m confident you may find a solution – please, no flood of non-legal links in my comments, I don’t want to attract trouble.

Non-americans, Non-europeans, I have no idea about where to listen to it, I’m sorry o_O – but you’re welcome to share the info in a comment, if there’s a way.

And if you loved it, buy it ? Calvin Russell is not Madonna, he’s a guy who’ll see the difference when there are sales. I’ll buy his CD, to begin with :)

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13 years ago

First, I am a fan of the site and just wanna say thanks for all the uploads. To listen to Contrabendo the top right hand corner of the Deezer website is a language menu, just click on the little white arrow and choose English then search Contrabendo.

13 years ago

>< i really wana hear some of this, the only 1 i heard so far is the more i know, and it is AWESOME, some one help me listen to atleast track 16 before i buy it