Futariyome chapters 1-2 [English], by Leopard

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Me, I'd pick the tanned one

I can’t really explain why, but I have taken a definitive liking to Futariyome. The drawings aren’t perfect and look like an artist’s first tank, the stories aren’t marvelously original… and yet… Oh well, I like it, even if I miss valid explanations, period :)

Thanks a lot to Nemui and Afro Thunda :)

Just in case you didn’t follow, two weeks ago, I shared the chapter 1. The chapter 2 was released today, and, should the following chapters please me as much as that, I’ll keep on sharing them too as they come :)
Today’s chapter features two young girls happily sharing the guy they love, allowing us to enjoy stereo butts attacks of pleasant magnitude :twisted:

I’m on a carefree day (actually listening to fantastic music, the first CD I bought, for myself, in 3 years – Contrabendo, by Calvin Russell, 18 € for 2 CDs and a DVD, produced by a real independant music company and not a fucken Major, awesome beyond awesome, ahegao for the ears), so I’ll throw a sorta shameful question… This manga features a one-boy-two-girls threesome… Say, dear readers, frankly, have some of you experienced this, and how did it go ? Me, I’m certain it would paralize me and I’d be unable to do anything, but, well, I wonder… ^^;; A girl’s side (6% of the visitors, love you gals !) would be fascinating, but I guess I’m dreaming here ;)

edit : the links were death, so here is the reppack. Enjoy !

Futariyome chapters 1-2,
Everything available in English to this day

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(29 MB, 64 pictures, English)

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Lol…buying music. And before anyone shuns me for mentioning pirating, this entire site is nothing but piracy. Just piracy against a nation's publishing companies that don't have the resources to hire legal teams that can reach as far as say the US or Britain.


I can honestly answer your question with a yes. This is a guy's perspective, but I can tell you it went much better than expected. After a long while of hinting comments (most of them not from me believe it or not) my girlfriend of several years and her best friend kind of surprised me. I have known both of them for about 10 years now and that first night of trying that out was about 3 years ago or so. It was enjoyable enough for everyone involved that it happens every once in a while still when the mood strikes everybody. We definitely mix things up and make sure to make the most of it while we can; we all know that it won't continue forever (generally only when her friend is single lol) and we need to make sure to try everything we want to that requires more than two people. I will say this though, if you know the people involved fairly well (especially if you are dating one of them) proper communication is key, as jealousy and hurt feelings could easily come into play. Luckily we all know each other well enough that there was no issue with any of that.


yeah a ffm 3 some works. and is awesome. i had one on the other end of the spectrum from EDev in college. almost anonymous (me and the two girls lived on the same dorm floor) and alcohol fueled. there was much communication, no hurt feelings, ropy jets flying all over the place and it ended with a real-life ahegao face on one of the girls that i'll never forget. so, if the opportunity presents itself, always try something new. you may get to enjoy something special.

General Hentai
General Hentai

It can work. Many moons ago a classmate in post-college school had two girls crash at his place, the sister of a friend of his and her friend. We got to know them some, but we were tied up in some major testing at the time. The sister was a very cute redhead, slim, a B-cup and one sexy ass; the friend wasn't fat, but wasn't slim, and was a very busty gal (can't remember if she was a D or DD cup). Their last night there, we finally got done with testing, and my friend had to leave town, leaving me with both girls. I took them to the French Quarter, and all the alcohol that means, and we then spent a wild 4-hours before we showered, put on our cloths and I drove them to the airport for them to leave. Neither gal was bi, even with booze, so positions like what you see wasn't part of the fun. After I dropped them off, I had to stop off at a drugstore to restock my friend's supply of condoms.

General Hentai
General Hentai

I had no fallout; they were tourists. The gals did, their friendship was awkward for a while, both were mortified by the other girl seeing what had been seen. Massive alcohol had destroyed both of these gals inhibitions; talking with both of them, separately, each had the same reaction, "OMG! I was begging for this, demanding that, doing that, screaming like that, thrashing like so, all in front of her!" And, "OMG! SHE was doing the same in front of me!" Loads of alcohol and a sexy atmosphere had caused them to lose sexual control & both girls got sexually greedy and competitive, which was great for me, but went far beyond their ordinary boundaries. Neither girl had ever considered having anal sex; they had to deal not only with each losing her anal virginity in front of the other, but by knowing that the other girl had seen her begging and demanding for that to happen. They did get through it: years later one was maid of honor at the other's wedding, later the other was matron of honor when her friend got married. But it was a rough time in their friendship and could've broken it.


Hi Oliver!
I found out at http://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=7727 that Leopard and Doreporu are the same guys!

Ps thx for the upload


Ohayo !

Dunno if I should post it here or directly send a message to Oliver, but I thought anyone'd be happy with two more chapters translated !
torrent : http://tokyotosho.info/details.php?id=408684
(credits to the chapters 3 and 4 go to Nemui and/or Saha, according to the archive name)


PS: j'ai pas trouvé comment te contacter, je vois pas d'adresse e-mail sur la page contact du site, du coup… ^^"