Kokoro Yurayure [English], by Meme50

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
Tags: happy sex
I love that ass

The heroine is a bit mischievous (read it, you’ll understand), but you must forgive her, it was for the greater good, and she has a shirt matching her bra, and her butt looks very good, it’s impossible to really blame her :twisted:

Thanks a lot to Blurk and TDV from Little White Butterflies :)

The story’s a little interesting, it’s happy sex with good feelings, and graphically, it’s very good too, especially the facial and doggy scenes :3

UPDATE : Good news, the present page is now obsolete. I’m now sharing Chome Chome Otome – Girl Is Ready For XXX, a complete volume, based on tank scans, from which the present story was taken. Go for Chome Chome Otome guys, it’s a gold nugget !

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12 years ago

soooo much win O_O