The Princess Of Golf parts 1-2 [English], by Kamino Ryu-Ya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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With great thanks to Edmx, Noel, Tech, EveryoneElse and Darko, from Genesis Translations, here is the second part of The Princess Of Golf, a story about youngsters in love, and happening to belong to a golf club. There’s not much to add about the scenario (happy sex, cute, good feelings and maybe even love), and the sex is very good too, served by definitely above the average drawings :)

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To offer a contribution, I made some work, transforming this into that

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Woot woot, love her work so much! Definitely one of the artists I eagerly await translations for, love her works so much :D


Awesome. Many thanx Oliver. The contribution pic looks nice.