Redirection page : Royal Koyanagi’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Royal Koyanagi that I share on Hentairules.

Today as I write it, Royal Koyanagi is undoubtedly the BEST specialist of massive orgies implying several partners indulging in sex. Add to this hot female bodies, hope juicy lips. The end result is usually some memorable materials :3

Here are the covers of the works by Royal Koyanagi shared on hentairules, and below them are the links to the gallery and download pages.

            english hentai        

Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku [English, 219 pictures, Uncensored version]

Orgy Treasure Mansion Gold [English, 228 pictures, Uncensored, Reedited]

The Way Of The Ninja [English, Complete version]

Festival Closing Ceremony [English]

Be Honest Number 2 [English]
(Yaoi warning. It’s a sequel to St Penalty Gakuen Goku)

Mother’s Side – After School Wives [English]

english hentai english hentai   english hentai  
Ryoko-san’s Problem Formation [English]

Academy B [English]

Juicy Canvas [English]

Ayakashi Kitan Mayoi No Mori Kitsune Goten [English]
(“Ghost Story – The Bewildering Forest Fox Palace”)

Futamitsuki-chou Tanetsuke-mura Kenbunroku [English, 59 pictures]

Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku 1-2 [English]
(“Fundamentals Of Demonology parts 1-2”)

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i got juicy canvas by royal kanagi from here, but doesnt appear to be on this page, just fyi thats all haha

Oliver AKA The Admin

Woops, you're right !

Thanks :)


Hi there oliver im new to hentai rules (ok well not that new ive been downloading from this wonderful site for ages) I was wondering if you could get this one uncensored and dubbed idk if you think its good please post it up heres the link just give it some thought ok?

chris wardley
chris wardley

Anybody know where to find Royal Koyanagi's "Mother's Side" but a translated version? I thought it would show up here after a week or so but no dice…


That's weird. A translated version is on HRules, I downloaded it!

But it's isn't on this page!!!

Alert Oliver!!!


Anyone knows how to contact the artist? He or she is my long time favorite and i would like to try and get a commission work from him. Any help is appreciated.


You're missing the island orgy one.