The Despondent Succubus [English], by Yuukoh Kobayashi (also called Yukata Kobayashi, AKA Alemateorema)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
Tags: succubus

Don't mind the horns and the tail, there's a pussy and tits

The heroine is a succubus, and her first time didn’t take place exactly the way she was planning. That doesn’t make it the smartest scenario of the week, but at least it’s enough to feel a bit amused while enjoying the pretty well-drawn intense sex :) I hope you’ll like it, me, knowing I weren’t to expect some godly marvel, I enjoyed it well enough :) Thanks a lot to Cgrascal !

By the same artist, I also share Shanai Kankei, Gakuin Paradise , Taiso Fuku-Run Run, and Gakuen No Sono

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13 years ago

I enjoy this artists artwork, and the plot was an interesting one. Plus the end struck me as hilarious xD

13 years ago

Goddess I love girls with horns and in uniform (no matter what kind.. or hot bodies). That was damn good, not deep but hilarious, hot and happy and that is what matters.

13 years ago

Hey, hey, isnt the author's name "Kobayashi Yutaka/Alemateorema"?!

Oliver AKA The Admin
13 years ago
Reply to  S.C.

Different first name, different persons, I assume ?