Oneechan’s Daily Routine [English], by Usagi No Tamago

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
Tags: futanari
I didn't like that sister

A sister has taken the habit of tending to the sexual needs of her younger brother, she trained him since the beginning.
At this point, I must confess something I can’t explain : I simply hated that girl. I should have liked her, she’s good looking (not on the slimmest side of life, nice eyes), appreciated her sexual openness, but, on the contrary, I found myself damn annoyed with the “empty shell” feeling she gave me, and her blank vaguely smiling expression… grrr ! >_<

It’s a purely personal opinion, I can’t even comprehend why I feel it, so, well, see for yourselves ?
Credits are for Desu and Anon :)

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13 years ago

The word FAKE comes into mind when you get that empty shell expression of her. Hence the genuine connection not being there…

13 years ago

I feel bad for the guy, be it he be a perv or not, but a little less if he was a perv :/