Love Comedy Style volume 3 [English, 212 pictures], by Yanagi Masashi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Less interesting than the previous volumes and too much censored. Sigh.

Hyan. -_-

When the story is good enough, I can easily forgive the presence of white hole censorship. However, this time, I felt I was being let down.

The volumes 1 and 2 were good to read, providing lovable characters and stories with enough interest to make us want to read and discover more, even graphically, there were situations arousing enough to bear with the censorship.
This third volume “should” have led to a happy ending with marriage perspectives, but, well, how to say it… It fell flat. Plot twists were possible but didn’t happen, sex was mostly boring, and the ending came in the least possibly original way.

Hey, wait, don’t run away ! At least, there were 3 bonus chapters in the end, under the Seed Girl title. THEM, they were original and funny, and hotter than the rest of the manga :)

The volumes 1 and 2 were really better, and by Yanagi Masashi, there is also Love And Devil !
Credits and thanks are for the The Solaris-SVU guys :)

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(65 MB, 212 pictures, English)

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12 years ago

i started to read this manga and oh god I loled a lot

many thx oliver

12 years ago

I think the author was going to give it a proper ending, but then it was decided that it should end,
so maybe the “seed girl” eps was a seperate work he trough in so that the book became a full volume.

12 years ago

is this the last volume?

11 years ago
Reply to  woots!

yes it is sadly.. and i wish someone whould have Decensored …

Oliver AKA The Admin
11 years ago
Reply to  katsu

This stuff can NOT be decensored. Most decensoring work implies filling in the blanks, in other words : GUESSWORK.

Actual redrawing takes very little place even with the most skilled decensorers like Belldandy100.

Meaning : that one will NEVER exist in an uncensored form, unless the artist himself creates a new version.