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A note about Sheer Heart Attack, by Black Dog

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Hello everyone,

Just the other day, I shared Sheer Heart Attack, by Black Dog, in its High Resolution, re-scanned, version.

About this, there is a precision that I forgot to add. I wrote that it’s in high resolution, and yet the preview pictures I gave were of the usual size, 1500-1600 vertical pixels.

Simply, it’s that I resized the pictures to save time on the pictures gallery uploading, it save me lots of time, but it also saves you lots of time, not everyone has enough broadband to download as if it was nothing simple preview pictures above 1 MB apiece…
Of course, in the zips, the pictures are full-size.

That was it, Sheer Heart Attack really is in high resolution, I hope I didn’t confuse anybody before :)

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thanks for the heads up Oliver :P


black dog TOTAL pack go? That'd be sooooo awesome :D