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Sister Keep On Practicing [English], by Chun Rou Zan

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Have some sister pussay !

Graphically, it’s rather nice, even if the penises don’t look human and the balls look like lemons forgotten to dry under the sun, lol.
Credits are for Stecaz, Amaimono and No4h, thank you guys !

But scenario-wise… Erm….

This is a very weird story. Does it have a name, this feeling when you’re torn between bewilderment, horror, interest and fascination ? Maybe it’s also one of the reasons I don’t dislike Chun Rou Zan’s works, they *cough* have been sick shits for most of them (in my eyes, to each his own, blablablah, OK ?), and yet, they’ve got some sort of originality or value added, I keep on reading them and wanting to read more…

If you really want a description. Elder sister grows up taking care of younger brother. Who treats her like an obedient sex friend, the little fuck is selfish and demanding. He trades her for another girlfriend (did I mention he’s a little fuck ?), in exchange the girl’s previous sex friends can have their way with the sister. Who adores it, her two sex partners are considerate and respectful, it helps, she loves that sex much more than with her bro. Who feels embarrassed about it, and eventually they start somehow training to be better at sex with the perspective of, some day, returning to having good old incest.
Damn weird, eh ?

By Chun Rou Zan, I also share Sleeping Beauty, Schoolmates Sexmates, Sexy Drama Club, Transfer Student’s Sex and My GF Has Sex With Everyone Else Except Me.

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I bet if this author couldn't do Notorare, he'd had nothing to do a manga about. I mean, god forbid him from actually thinking of story with actual plot and development.

Oliver AKA The Admin

You're not making sense, this is not netorare.


As far as it is, something is just silly about this.


hmm…this one had me hating the brother, what a douchebag, he's not satisfied with his sister yet she's devoted to him…and he has the balls to trade her for another girl…i'm sorry but damn that's messed up of him. iunno i've always had problem with Chun Rou Zan stories, guess it's not my kind of style but i'm still thankful for the great stuff you always share Oliver <3


As soon as I saw who 's work this was I knew I was not going to like it. So I got as far as I could in the Gallery, then decided it was messed up like his other works. (OK Oliver, I'll grant it's less messed up than usual, but still messed up) Any story that ends with me hating somebody in it, isn't fun. It's not my style. But thanks for your hard work.


This was an interesting take on the usual incest story. I found it somewhat disturbing, but for anyone looking for something new, give this a shot.


I didnt read this one. I just wanted to thank you for the detailed summary that helped me avoid reading something that I would have regreted. Thankyou.