Brandish volume 4 chapters 19-20-21 [English] (In short, the first 3 chapters of the volume 4, OK ?), by Rusty Soul

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
A succubus that doesn't suck your sould in the end, how cool is that ?

Thanks to Saha and GJustG, here are 3 more chapters of my dear Brandish serie :)

To be frank, I’m a bit disappointed, OK it’s good, but not as good as volume 3, and I have the impression the hentai artitst, Rusty Soul, is seriously running short of gags, there’s a strong repetitive feeling to the story.
Graphically, it remains damn good sex, fortunately :)

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I really liked these 3 chapters, looks like its building towards the happy TwiskaxTheo end :p

The best thing about this series is that it has pretty much something for everyones tastes, for me, it has my 3 favourite things in one package. Shota, Futa, Mild Femdom :p


lol good stuff here, love the new chapters, really funny, especially the first story, traveling to the desert, sex in exchange for water, how awesome is that? sign me up for that, even if it kills me in the process i'll die happy lol. ohh man i forgot how it had some futa in this, has it been that long since i've read Brandish? guess so, ohh well it was good, loved it Oliver.

Thank you so much Oliver.


Twiska can do no wrong in my eyes.

Thanks SaHa for the translation and Oliver for sharing.


oh nice nice, there’s a new one, though i always wait for the final volume i gotta say, thanks oliver


will download this when i have the time ^^

thanks for the effort Oliver :P