You Are My Shooting Star [English], by Meme50

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
Now I know why the Japanese eat so much fish.

The male hero is very funny, he makes funny faces and grimaces all the time. Shocked, in pain, in blissful delight, scared, he’s the main comic relief :)
The face he does when he’s accidentally knocked in the balls was priceless :D

Apart from this, it’s a simple happy sex with love story, without stuff I’d like to highlight… Enjoy it if that’s to your taste !
It’s been brought to use by Blurk and Accelerator from LWB, thank you very much, you two ! :)

UPDATE : Good news, the present page is now obsolete. I’m now sharing Chome Chome Otome – Girl Is Ready For XXX, a complete volume, based on tank scans, from which the present story was taken. Go for Chome Chome Otome guys, it’s a gold nugget !

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13 years ago

Another cute and funny one! Good twist with the cat. Thanks Oliver, Blurk and Accelerator for the hard stuff!

13 years ago

thx for the share Oliver and we will remind you next time the redirect page for meme50…

13 years ago

First of all, thanks a lot for sharing this one. Now, on to something you said: "…some day, I’ll remember to write a redirection page for Meme50 xD"

I would actually hold off on that for a bit. I am pretty sure most of what you are sharing are chapters from a tank ([Meme50] Chome Chome Otome | Girl is ready for XXX!) which LWB and Team Vanilla are very close to completing. Once they do, you can share and link to the complete tank, instead of all the individual chapters.

13 years ago

gonna shoot alot of liquids soon :P