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Sister In Law Trouble (“Nee-san Komarimasu”) [English], by Haru Wamusato

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I think the proper word is : adultery. Orz.

« I’ll wear a condom. If I wear a condom, then it’s not an affair. »
Sure, yeah, right, no prob, please do :D :lol:

Sister In law Trouble is a “younger brother-in-law X left alone predatory young wife” story, this summary tells about everything that must be said of the scenario, I think. Graphically, there are very good moments, however that will depend on your tolerance towards white hole censorship :-/

Oh well, as of usual, see for yourselves ! ;)
My thanks for this release are for Yoroshii :)

For MORE, cf. The updated list of Haru Wamusato’s works !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(11 MB, 16 pictures, English)

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People in Japan REALLY love their cream puffs. xD

Thanks Oliver and Yoroshii.


While "predating" is technically correct, "predatory" is a better term.;)

Oliver AKA The Admin

I'll take your word on that :)

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

In a glance I would've thought this was Meme50's work. The censor kinda ruined it a bit for me though.


Ya, one thing I have learned from hentai is never marry a Japanese girl. While you work, she will be fucking your brother, your delivery guy, your boss, the kids next door, or all of them.


Haru Wamusato artwork is always a nice site to behold but the plot this time around wasn't anything new. Busy husband + sexually frustrated housewife+ step brother who just happens to be home = family affair *yawns*

How she decided to rationalize cheating this time was amusing. That is to say borderline, if not already, sexual contact. It's not an affair if they're just dry humping and oops his dick just magically slid into her vagina. Well might as well take the circumstances as they come…..

I Hope Sankakukan in it's entirety gets translated soon.


So my japanese wife wants to fuck the KND?


thank you Oliver ^^