Trans Layer [English], by Maruneko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
Gender bender. Worth a hundred downloads ;)

Fair warning : it’s gender bender.

OK, now that I safely ensured the zip will be downloaded less than a hundred times, I can work on writing a description ;)

The male hero is girlish and wishes to cosplay as a girl. He’s offered a special spray making him into a girl. And the more he uses it, the more his female body characteristics become important (and cat ears also sprout – horny feeling spray, cat robots, would it ring a bell, perhaps ? ;) ). Sex follows. The conclusion, at least, was funny and unexpected, and the drawings are rather nice ^^

Credits and thanks are for Topcat, Tomitanubi and Dr. Ishiba from TgMangas2 :)

By the same artist, under the pen names Marneko and Maruneko, I also share Kinkou No Kuni, Soshage De Toransu, Yaritagari Nyotaika Bish, Kaoru Kanojo + Masumasu Kaoru Kanojo, Asa Onna Na ore To Futanarikko Ojousama Tomodachi Mo Taisetsu Ni, Doping AbeKobe, When Aniki Wore A Bikini, and Furubita Dress.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(19 MB, 25 pictures, English)

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Ah, the last page saved it xD

Im fine with gender bender, even traps :p but Im not that big of a mindbreak/eternal slave(mindbreak forced) fan, which, up untill the last page i assumed it was going to be :p


well it's nice to be different once in awhile ^^


You can post all of this you want just for me, Oliver. I'll say thank you, and I'll download it a hundred and one times.


Cute and funny. Many thanx Oliver.


I was kinda hoping another girl would find out but the ending wasn't to bad :3