Kumo No Michi [English, Complete, 210 pictures], by Suehirogari

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
Tags: futanari
I think this is the BEST manga I've read by Suehirogari ! :)

Dear everyone, if you don’t dislike Suehirogari, GO . FOR . IT! In my eyes, this is definitely the BEST manga I’ve ever read by Suehirogari :)

In terms of pure reading pleasure, discarding what may cause what, I felt exceptionally good while reading this manga, it gave me a great time ! Thank you SO much to Malone and J, this is a manga I’ll definitely remember ! :)

There’s lots of exhib (of course), but also good yuri, good blowjobs and actual groupsex with various girls (including two fully adult women) and boys on several occasions.
The sex is always happy, a non-problematic pleasurable activity practiced between persons respecting each other. Sex helps soothing worries, getting people closer emotionally, more friendly, understanding and open with each other. There’s a BRILLIANT orgy idea in the last tier. OK, the drawings aren’t so wonderful, but everything else is top notch in my opinion, I very strongly recommend you this manga :)

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Suehirogari’s works)

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13 years ago

I really liked this one, Im not usually a fan of exhibitionist mangas because from most that I have read it usually involves the woman being forced somehow into doing it for a couple of chapters and hating it before actually enjoying it, either that, or end up as a mindless sex slave that people use as a whore. In anycase, this was great :p

13 years ago

Thanks oliver, suehirogari is just a wonderful author.

12 years ago

Great dope!!!