Futa Bo chapters 1-3 [English], by Chanpon Miyabi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments
Tags: comedy
Full of WTF, I tell you ! ^_^

This manga is full of WTF – but of funny WTF :D

Graphically, it’s as you see and there’s no hoping better, but, well, scenario wise, I’ve had my fill, lol. I can’t say I’m expecting crazy wonders from this manga toying with the fetish of incest, but just in order to smile a bit more, I’m eagerly waiting for more, thanks a LOT to Tadanohito :)

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12 years ago

I cant help but think that maybe his mom and the aunt are
1. Working together to eventually get him to have sex with his mom
2. Constantly switching roles pretending to be the other, taking it in turns to have sex/play with him (Twins, afterall)

Either way, its a good read :p

12 years ago

This Is One Of The Best Manga Ever!!

12 years ago

thanks oliver ^^

12 years ago

Hey Oliver, FYI, Tadanohito released a couple of days ago a new chapter (Nº4), so if your interesed, could you make an update with the new chapter?

Anyway, thanks a lot.

Oliver AKA The Admin
12 years ago
Reply to  alvaro3173

Rhaaa, I don't have enough tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime !

12 years ago

Geez, man, you don't need to be that upset! =/

Just take your time, okay? ;)

As always, thanks a lot.

12 years ago

Hot stuff in the previews, I’ll be real glad if an uncensored version of this ever comes out.

Thanks for the upload.