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Honey Syrup chapters 4-5 [English], + the chapters 1-5 in another Zip file + the Complete Japanese manga (212 pictures), by Thomas

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I'd love to deal the punishment

Have some more honey, friends ? It’s a top-quality natural product ! ;) Close to two months after I shared the chapters 1-3, I’m back with two more chapters, for a tasty update :3

Hot faces, hot bodies, super awesome oral action, powerful sex, I can’t have enough, thank you SO much to Biribiri (translator) and Zathael & Jaylou1010 (commissioners), you guys made my day so many times I dare not try and count them ! :)

If you want to read more of this manga, you may wish to chip in too…

By Thomas, I also share Treasures and the absolutely fucking AWESOME Sweet Lip (gloriously uncensored version).

UPDATE : following a legal request from the Wani publishing group, I am removing all download links to this from

In due time (today as I am writing it, the partnership is a fresh announcement but a day will comeā€¦), this will become available for sale on the Fakku! webstore, thanks to a new partnership between Fakku! and Wani. Think about it, it will earn some well-deserved money to the hentai mangakas (every sale will bring them additional bucks), the works will be in top quality, available on paper or digitally, and they will be fully uncensoredĀ  ! :twisted:



Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Nice to have the TL'd set up to now… but Ch 1 still is my favorite! Blue Haired Girl is one smokin' babe! Thanks Oliver, for the whole set!


As much as I would like to take credit for other people's money, I have to point out that while I did pay for chapters 1-4, chapter 5 was funded by Jaylou1010. :)

Thanks Oliver for sharing this and for trying to encourage some donations as well.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Did you ?

Oh my.

Thanks for the info Zathael, I didn't notice Jaylou being credited, I was unfair ! :)


No worries! I'm sure it was just a mistake. Let's just hope that nobody makes the mistake of missing out on this series :D

Thanks also to biribiri and Zathael for working on this great tank.


I don't know but I don't like very much the style of the autor, anyways, it is a good manga for read, and thx for that Oliver


Page 18, there was a cartoon called, Batman Beyond, came out in the late 90's, not bad. Anyhow, the future had folks called "splicers" that had genetic alterations done to their bodies to give them animal features mixed with human. I know that if splicing ever comes to Japan there's going to be a crap-ton of ladies walking around with dog tails and cat ears.

Thanks for the upload.