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Smile Again + Smile Again After [English], by Osuzu Akiomi

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Honestly, if I weren't an only son, I'd bang my sister after reading this ;)
(About the picture above, @ men : frankly, incest is bad, but would you really hate being looked at like that by a sister, hm ?)

Some months ago, I shared Smile Again, a superb story by Osuzu Akiomi, with a sister having one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen in hentai mangas. And great sex too.
Well, simply said, something like 4 weeks ago (sorry everyone, I had forgotten about it !), YQII released the chapter 1 of First Love (available here), and this chapter 1 is a continuation of Smile Again, displaying full-color love and sex with that girl once again :)
Enjoy it, it’s sweet vanilla and a total feast for the eye ! =) Great, great job YQII, I’m deeply grateful !

By the same artist, I also share How Do You Feel, Perfectly Healthy, Tea For Two and, not as good, there is My Fair Lady and Happy Lesson.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(20 MB, 34 pictures, English)

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Not long til this book is entirely translated.


She'd have to be really attractive.. and I'd have to have like, no previous relationship with her (separated at birth or something). Even then it would still be weird.. >_<


This incest story is something that is somewhat believable. The sister is a total recluse and therefore doesn't see many men floating around. And those eyes…and that smile….GAH! That just made me "HNNG" a lil bit. :$

Thanks YQII and Oliver for one of my favorite incest stories of the past few weeks. ;)


It's a bit confusing on the index page, it seems that smile again after goes before smile again? or am i wrong?

Thanks for the share Oliver, this artist is amazing.


Ah, a fine bit of art… that smile, that satisfied face at the end! Wow! YQII and Oliver, you have my thanks for the hard work and the posting! Great stuff!


lovely and godly art :)

thanks Oliver :P


Okay so the entire book this is from is here: