Poolside Exposure Specialist [English], by Inomaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
Am I the only one finding these pictures comical ?

Point 1 : the ggogles, excellent idea to peep in the swimming pool !
Point 2 : the god of lulz called for a « I’m sorry, I’m gay » conclusion, I SO wanted to read it, even if it would have ruined the whole point of this manga :D

Scenario-wise, there is NO humour (at least, there’s an original idea, props for that !), and yet, because of “my gay idea”, I was giggling all along, does that count ? ^^

By Inomaru, I also share Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou (with its bonus chapter), Sex Education, Hanazono Infinite 1-2 and the uncensored version of August 31st

To give you a short summary, it’s about a girl trying to seduce a lifeguard, wearing bolder and bolder bikinis, until the point of no-return is reached. It’s good happy sex, well drawn (a bit huge, the girl’s hips, though), so thanks a LOT to Cgrascal !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(16 MB, 27 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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12 years ago

No humor? I was laughing my ass off.

12 years ago

Those things are called "goggles", not "googles". You're thinking of something else.

Oliver AKA The Admin
12 years ago
Reply to  Kusojijii

Damn you google ! Thanks ^^