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Noblesse Oblige [English], by Inue Shinsuke (Also Known As Jingai-Makyou)

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OK, she's hot, but she's SO stupid, it's annoying

This is the relatively typical story of an ojou-sama so stupid she’s led into having sex (here : what, you didn’t know noble girls served their male teachers as a thanks for the studies ?!?) and she won’t see what’s the problem with it. Fortunately, she adores sex right from the start, so it all turns out to be OK.

I can’t say I adore this kind of setup, but if you just consider it as an alibi for a few laughs and good sex, then it’s okay, I guess.
As for the drawings, aaargh ! They’re very good ! But white-hole censored !

Decide for yourselves, I don’t know if I should recommend you this manga or not, in my eyes there are as many pluses & minuses !
My thanks for this release are to Sling and Masamune, good job ! :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(10 MB, 23 pictures, English)

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I really hate this fucking title. Every time I see it I'm like "FUCK YEAH FINALLY A HIGASHI NO EDEN DOUJINSHI" but it isn't one at all ;~~~~~~~~~~~;


I second that…I thought its going to be Akira x Saki oh-so-sweet-n-happy sex…screw the title…


Nope, not liking it… so, I'll take my winnings from the other posts here, and consider it a good haul. Thanks Oliver.


Oh f**k I rushed too much and didn't read desciption. Now I feel terrible that such crap was on my disk for few minutes.

Oliver AKA The Admin


Serves you right. You can count the number of hentai blogs giving useful lengthy descriptions on the fingers of a leper, make good use of it ! :D


Yeah, I know, I usually read your desciptions and thaks to them there weren't many similar situations. But I admit that i have few terrible things on disk, like works by Erect Sawaru wich are just awesome when you don't read dialogs, or some "F**k yeah!! endings" when rapist get what he deserved like: My younger sister is 3 by HYOCO ROAD or Parasite Girl by Manga Super.

It seems that nick in my previous comment was wrong a little.