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Searching for Okinawa Military Liquid Men Association ooooooold doujinshi

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Hello everyone,

This time I’ll be the one asking for hentai, for a change :)

Please, would someone have Evangelion doujinshi by the doujin circle called “Okinawa Military Liquid Men Association” ?
(more details follow)

I recently accidentally stumbled upon old internet signature pictures made using pictures by this doujin circle, I mirrored them here, there and there (that last picture’s texts meant : No, heyyyyyy, don’t hurt me!”.)
And it suddenly reminded me of these crazy doujinshi, full with parodic stuff. Memories flow in a peculiar way, don’t they ?

And I thought that, maybe, one of the doujinshi by Okinawa Military Liquid Men Association could have deserved a translation. It wouldn’t have been fapping materials, but in the name of lol, maybe at least one doujin by this doujin circle deserved to exist in English. To make up my mind, whether to commission it or not, I had to read these old doujinshi again.

Sadly, I was horrified when I noticed some hours ago that the folder in which I kept my old but hilarious-looking untranslated hentai doujinshi was, simply, gone. Damn it :(

So, please, is there a hentai geek around having OMLMA old Evangelion doujinshi, stored in the corner of a hard disk, that would be willing to upload them to some web host (depositfiles, mediafire, and the like, you know), and post a link to them ? :)
Thank you VERY MUCH to anyone able to help ! :jap:

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
Pick exclusively a precise file with a keyword search, or bulk leech like a madman, it's quick and easy :)

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Do you mean this: "Evangelion / Evangelion – Motto Hazukashii Nerv Yasunaga Kouichiro Okinawa Ekitai Gunjin-Ka – Hentai"

If it's this file you're searching for, there's a great posibility I have a back up of it.


One of is works is here, don't know about the others, they are 2 set of doujinshi each with 500 Mb, about 100 Diferent mangas all raw, the links are Filesonic, no Virus i downloaded it myself to check


Hi, Oliver!

i think that exists 4 evangelion doujins by this circle, they are:

Okinawa Taieki Gunjinkai (沖縄体液軍人会)
Okinawa Military Liquid Men Association

Yasunaga Kouichirou (安永航一郎)

Romanized: Evangelion VS Kyonyuu Hunter
Original: エヴァンゲリオンVS巨乳ハンター

Romanized: Iinchou Tottemo Guai Ga Iinchou
Original: 委員長とっても具合がイイんちょう

Romanized: Motto Hazukashii NERV
Original: もっと恥ずかしいNERV

Romanized: Yabangelion Ver 2.0.1j
Original: 野蛮ゲリオン Ver 2.0.1j


List of this doujin circle's works (information only, no actual scans):


Looooool, look here Oliver… this is a big coincidence, i was just crusing E-Hentai Gallerys and there it was, hope it helps