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Asobare Dear Sex Friend chapters 1-5 [English, 81 pictures], by Sanagi Torajirou

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Another girl with magical huge tits bursting out of flat vests. Love them.

Page 16. “Where was she hiding TITS like that ?!?” – OK, I think I’m going to love that manga :D
So, there are schoolgirls in uniform with big tits, a bishie male hero with a cute girly face and a great “tool”, there’s an almost sadistic and never satisfied school nurse… I daresay I don’t need to write any more than that ? :3

For a moment, I feared a netorare or lousy mindbreak scenario, but things got better (I’m glad I didn’t share the earlier chapters, let’s say). Eventually, it’s all great sex, with great girls (the petite shy-looking honor student turning into a rabid schoolgirl once her tits are out from a hidden dimension or a parallel universe, an arrogant tennis player with twintails, the sadistic mature school nurse), in various combos (OMG @ a triple blowjob, rha !) Graphically, there’s very little censorship. Sexually, there’s skullfuck (I should write “sigh”, but since a certain Shiwasu No Okina doujin, I’m sometimes okay with it), oral, vaginal and anal sex, and rare (fortunately !) ahegao faces.
My grateful thanks are for Dark Knight, sugoi ! :D

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I did rage a bit with that principal :( I had to skip the chapter and a half even though the I like the girl's drawing.
Why did it have to be there :( It's like a 2-page mindbreak >.>


*2-page or more..


First it's by-the-book NTR (on the phone while fucking, gettin' porked right next to the poor schmuck) then it's all blown off and they happily fuck together? kinda weird, to be honest… at least not rage inducing, which is a plus


Mixed bag here… Was wondering "WTH Oliver!" but I manned up and stayed with it and saw your point. Still, a large segment was too NTR for my taste, semi-redeemed ending or not. (OK, I was hoping for Principal's face vs. Baseball bat, and was not happy that it didn't happen.) Ah well, thanks Oliver.


i just got around to reading it today. must say great drawings, but chapter 2 and 3 already got me raging. i get your point of the whole ending thing, but really those 2 chapters just completely ruined the book. i thought its going to be nice vanilla, then i got to that chapter, i was like please let that dork come in and stop that crap. im really disappointed…

MAIN POINT: despite my disappointment, i got through the chapters. but i really like to mention, that I would greatly appreciate if you made it clear that it contained NTR chapters (regardless of the vanilla-ish storyline). i dled this thinking its borderline to ntr vanilla, so i feel kind of misleaded.


I think the reason they included the old fart was to ready the scene for Kagoi-kun to pleasure the nurse. I mean in the argument of “since Aguni-san was f-ing the principal, why not let Kagoi-kun have a taste of a more mature woman?” I agree with all of you though, the old man f-ing pages could have definitely been omitted.

Overall though, I liked the progression of the story! From sweet love making to a feel good orgy. I guess you could say they’re the best f-ing friends ever haha ^^

Is it weird that I read hentai manga despite being a girl? I admit I’d rather read this than shoujo manga any day ><;