The Takayaki Total Pack has been updated :)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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You're allowed to fap. Can't blame you for that.

There have been some new Takayaki releases lately (Musunde Hiraite 4, Koiibito Island, Musunde Hiraite uncensoring as well as Yaki Moki Grow Up’s), so I updated my Takayaki Total pack once again, now with more hentai, and more uncensored drawings =)

I hope this pack will be to your taste, Takayaki is TOTALLY worth discovering if you’re new to hentai, and TOTALLY worth downloading even when you’re a hardcore hardened veteran, there’s so much vanilla you’ll melt and feel like an emo teenager again ;)

The pack is available on THAT page, enjoy the Takayaki goodness ;)

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