Denkuchi Buru Makkusu [English], by Bakuretsu Fusen

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

So. A girl forces a guy to join the female volleyball club, he accepts and disguises as a girl. All that for what ? So that the both of them may have lots of great sex, paizuri, vaginal and anal, of course !

The ending isn’t half-bad either, lol ^^

If you can bear with the few pages in which the male hero is disguised as a girl (this is NOT a trap, this is NOT futa, okay), go for it, me, I can tell I loved the great sex drawings and the carefree spirit :)
My thanks are for Desu, Superkawaii, and Strange Scans !

But wait! There’s more! Check it out, The list of Bakuretsu Fusen’s works!

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Afro Thunda
Afro Thunda
12 years ago

I think you messed up the title here. Denkichi (you spelled it "Denkuchi") is Bakuretsu Fusen's name when not drawing doujin material. So your title should be "Buru Makkusu [English], Denkichi (aka. Bakuretsu Fusen)" or something like that.

12 years ago

not a trap, not a futa… but don't you think that this one falls in the category of crossdress? not that it matters, i still read it… thanks

Dark Jaguar
Dark Jaguar
11 years ago

can you make a Bakuretsu Fusen mega pack?