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Ken Yori Tsuyoshi [English, 207 pictures], by Namonashi

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That nun was my favorite character in the manga =)

The first half of the manga is just GREAT : humour, anal sex, a funny interesting duo (shameless fearless perv VS murderous earnest tsundere), in a big story arc. The second half of the manga is made of shorter stories, and it’s far from being as good, featuring 30% good sex (a rude pettanko, an excellent anal nun) and 70% lame (in my biased opinion : tentacles and loli) sex. And yet, all along, the mood is great, the girls love what they’re doing and they’re not forced into doing anything, so even the lame parts aren’t as bad as they could have been.
And there are the drawings, it’s happy sex, the girls are the pettanko type (with the great exception of a young nun :twisted: ) and drawin with cute bits, this is not the top of the crop, but very good already :)

My grateful thanks for this manga are for Afro Thunda and Biribiri, with as commissioners Raikoh from and my dear Zathael :)

By the same artist, I also share Re06, Fukutsu No Perorist (211 pictures) and, on top of all, Tentacle Lovers, possibly the only tentacles-based manga that I – though reluctantly – found to my liking.

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(130 MB, 207 pictures, English)

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This one might not be to everyone's liking, but if you don't mind some tentacles and humor mixed in with your happy sex, and can enjoy or ignore the loli, go for it. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to biribiri and Afro Thunda for all their hard work on this, and thanks to Raikoh and another anonymous donor for their part in funding it. Thanks of course to Oliver for sharing this here.

One little problem I noticed: The link to Re06 does not go to a download page for Re06; it goes to a post where you apologize for bundling Re06 with the first chapter of this tank. There does not seem to be a separate post with a download link for the Re06 manga.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Don't tell me I fucked up with my reuploads, lol, Zathael ^^ Noooooo !


Hey Oliver your deposit file link is down, it says "Such file does not exist or it has been removed for infringement of copyrights"

some guy
some guy



none of the links work :( depositfiles keeps coming up with "invalid params" and wupload/filesonic both say you can only download one link at a time. it is baffling my mind!

Oliver AKA The Admin

You really must be mad :(

Maybe open them with a proxy like ? Not sure it would work, though !


I found the tentacle arc kind of cute, actually. I was laughing when the tentacle monster was all "Stop arguing you guyz!" Only at the end did it go a little overboard.


Thanks for this one.

IMHO it was really good, even in the argueable chapters it was very 'vanilla'-ish ;-)
Never thought that there were also tentacle-stories which I would like^^
And I totally loved the first story with that cute samurai(?) guardian :3


Woo, anal in the preview pic that sets off alarms. I'm grabbing, I have a feeling my mind won't change after reading.

Thank you for this one, please keep 'em coming.