Yabai × Orei [English], by Kamino Ryu-Ya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
Haha, I didn't even try to decensor that one ^^

This manga somehow reminded me of May Not Miss Pervert Fall In Love, by Saki Urara, this is the story of a normal guy who comes in contact with a real, genuine and fully aware of herself, female pervert. And of course, sex follows, without much trivia :)

This wasn’t as great as Miss Pervert, though, the censorship killed me despite Kamino Ryu-Ya’s talent, for instance, I can’t tell how you will react to this one. Good luck ! ;)
My thanks are for Tech, Edmx, Yuki and Shini, from Genesis Translations Team ! :)

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12 years ago

It is kinda funny and empty at the same time.

12 years ago

It was a nice share but I don't know I find it lacking and not nearly as satisfying a "princess of golf" just to give an example, maybe the scenario was a little too flat but the art style was very good.
Thanks for the share and thanks to the Genesis team for releasing this.

12 years ago

I wish I could find a totally perverted woman of my own. *sigh*

Thanks a lot to the Genesis Translations Team, and thanks Oliver for sharing.

12 years ago

Curse you censorship!!! T.T

Thanks for the share anyway Oliver.