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Warau Kangofu [English, Really Complete, 230 pictures], by Yonekura Kengo

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Even old, good hentai is good :D

I was contacted by a kind person called Eliel, who told me my version of Warau Kangofu was 3 chapters too short, it was not complete.
He was even kind enough to give me a link to the full version, 50 pages longer :)

So, with many thanks to Eliel, and Tadanohito, and Kaya83, here is at last, my dear pervs, the COMPLETE version of Warau Kangofu ! :D

The manga starts with a light femdom dose – but that ends rather well, don’t worry -, followed by various short stories, almost all of them (save two) featuring happy sex, another light femdom chapter, lots of wincest, and a bit of humour. The girls are between 16 and 30 I imagine, and they’re good-looking too !

All in all, I strongly recommend you that manga if you didn’t have it yet :)
And if you had my previous crippled version, missing 50 pages, I apologize about it :)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Yonekura Kengo’s works on Hentairules)

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(73 MB, 230 pictures, English)

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A true masterpiece.

IGO - The Dreamer
IGO - The Dreamer

Really, I like alot!!! Thanks Oliver and Eliel, and Tadanohito, and Kaya83 for this grand contribution!


If it's that good incomplete… i dunno what it is when its complete


woah been a long time since i last commented here

been busy with school and such.

amazing post once again Oliver, and this it's english title is called Laughing Nurse right???

definitely need to catch up with your tons of releases O______O

will still visit this site frequently but i may not comment too much though :

anyway keep up the goodwork :P

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, make yourself at home any time you like ;)


thanks :)


oliver. is there any chance in hell that you can upload stuff onto mediefire aswell?? wupload and depostifiles are pains in the friggin ass to download from :(((((

Oliver AKA The Admin

I recommend you read

There's a turn-around, you can use resources like and search for my zip's names, replacing underscores with spaces, any share older than two days should be mirrored already, lol.


Its been a while since i got this release… Thanks again to the folks who updated the book.

If only this was uncensored. Damn the black bars that ruin the art! so frickin annoying !

Thanks again for the updated release 8D


Oh God! One chapter out of this was the first I owned. Now, years later, there's more!? Every frickin time… thanks though. Now I have 43 manga to read. God I hate falling behind.
Big ups to Oliver and Eliel, and Tadanohito, and Kaya83 some nostalgic feelings of now.


its really hard to find free hentai site in english

thanks for share and good work take a visit if you like http://www.fucknest.blogspot


That pic with pedobear, beavis and butthead as bullies really made laugh. Great share thanks Oliver and thanks to the scanlation and translation team.