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Stay Seeds chapter 1 [English], by Yukimi

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No means no. For the moment.

Again, just like my previous Evangelion share by Yukimi, I can’t say the graphics are absolutely great, there’s huge censorship and little genitalia to be seen, while there are actually few pages devoted to sex because of all the time spent on character developement and situation preparation. And yet… HOW PLEASANT ! :D

There is a sweet a very agreable carefree feeling, a light sense of humour, likeable characters, a very good mood… I definitely love this side of Yukimi ! :)

In short : a half-Japanese half-American young man has sex with an American girl visiting Japan, fully knowing his mother has arranged everything (and even prepared spare sheets, lol). Good sex, good humour, good mood and telekinesis, go for it ! ;)
Thanks a lot to… who should be thanked, I do not know ?!?

Yukimi is a special hentai artist, producing great as well as terrible works, if you care, by this mangaka, I also share : the exhilarating Like A Beast, Sore Wa Atode, the Uncensored version of A Lovely Night To Fall In Love, Lilium, Kano Bano chapters 9-10, the Complete version of Birthday, and the Uncensored but Incomplete version of Birthday.

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(15 MB, 18 pictures, English)

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Love Yukimi's work. Translation not so good, a bit confusing.


Many thanx Oliver.


A new Yukimi work almost always makes my day. Lovely unique art style, humour, and decent stories. Not quite up there with Yamatogawa and DP yet, but close. Thank you Oliver.


thanks Oliver
btw, just asking, knowing you have other issues to deal with but some other great works are translated especially bird cage 2- homonculus
hope you get it here soon :)) for everyone's great fap-ation (noun of FAP, probably :D )


There's something odd @ page 6. The cup and the table disappeared on the 3rd panel and comes back on subsequent panels. :D Guess she does have power.


The great part about this is… there is going to be more! Great story, and while damaged, the art is of a type I like very much. Thanks Oliver, a good vanilla choice!


Woa, don't see that often. DILUTING the Japanese line, lol.


Stray Seeds (chapter 1) translated by: Anonymous

Also…. before you bother downing, False Girlfriend. Here is what i had to say on exhentai.

"Thanks AfroThunda

But….. your upload, is missing the contents page. Here is my copy. With the contents page, in the correct place. And I arranged, & numbered the pages. In original manga page numbering sequencing.

Link: 1 of 2:
58.21mb zip


Link: 2 of 2:
56.39mb zip

BTW: The title to this tankoubon, is actually… Itsuwari no Kanojo ~Kanojo Ha Midara ni Uso Osasayaku~


Oliver AKA The Admin

That's a lot of information to integrate O_o


The telekenisis part made me giggle. XD
Thank you for posting this!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Haha, well-observed ! ^^

IGO - The Dreamer
IGO - The Dreamer

Really nice! =D


2nd chapter is now translated
And the next ones are in progress, at least 5 chapters and some cheating along the way too (according to the comments)