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Love Icha chapter 1 [English], + the Complete Japanese manga (210 pictures), by Shiun

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Update : Good news, a more complete version is available HERE :)

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On page 145 of the full manga, I think he should have taken her to the hospital immediately, because bending the ankle to that angle must have caused "terrible, terrible damage" (sorry. I somehow could not hold myself back from making a Starcraft joke)!
Interesting though odd share, Oliver. Thanks. And thanks to the people at Lunatic Translations. As for the topic of proper grammar and the like, I am normally very picky. I have since begun trying to ignore errors, because hey, unless the story is *amazing* (which it is NOT here), the main purpose for a translation is for your brain to do something while your hand is busy at work (others will have different opinions, though).


Many thanx Oliver.


The story is so stupid that I don't know where to begin,… Well, i will just say i don't dislike this. Thanks Oliver and Lunatic translation. Keep the good work, guys ! :)