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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
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Remember, there is my Twitter account :


I don’t only post random lulz in there or automated notifications that a new post has been published, I also post more useful stuff. For instance website-related information (like yesterday, a warning that I couldn’t post my shares because I had carelessly let my mouse batteries die out ^^)

I insist : if random crap happens at my blog, if Hentairules becomes unavailable, if there are problems with my blog and you want to know what the hell is going on, how I’m dealing with it, if I even know about it… Check my Twitter account in such cases, don’t panic :)

Side note : less than one year ago, I was bashing Twitter for being a heapload of crap with people only bothering to post “I’m going to poop” or “JUSTIN BIEBER COME FUCK MEEEE” crap.
And now, look at me, I’m completely addicted.
I realized Twitter can be super useful to keep track of people posting real good and intelligent links, I also use it as a replacement for RSS feeds (except for hentai blogs, I think Biri is the only one really personally active on Twitter), and it eats up far too much of my free time. I should feel a bit of shame – shame :D

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12 years ago

do you have facebook?

12 years ago

cool :D

hope you had a good happy thanksgiving(whether or not you celebrate it) ^^

12 years ago

maybe you could make a google+ account or google+ page :D
biri and some already on it