Runaway Cousin [English], by Minato Fumi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

I insist : this IS incest

Do you object to a hot teenage girl with tanlines ? With a slight tsundere nature ? Who’s a cousin (I insist : this IS incest :D ) ? And who is in love ?
No ?
OK, go for it ! :D

For this release, my thanks are for Edmx from Gteam Translations, and Fuke :) This one was part of a GREAT and ambitious plan, led by Genesis Team, to release a new great hentai release every day of december, it can’t be any better :D I gave a little hand too, wait and see ^^

By Minato Fumi, I also share Sweet 10 and 2 packs, here, and there !By Minato Fumi, I also share: A Borrowed Thing (Uncensored version!), Chiisana Kuma + Big Teddy Bear, a pack of 4 works (I Have A Favor to Ask Senpai + Konna Koneko Irukana + Lovely Neighbor Stay Overnight + Private Standard), a pack of 3 works (Don’t Touch Me + Gekkeisyou + The Look Of Love), Haruko-san No Naka, Rape-Worthy (belonging to a big pack of short full color works from various artists), Sweet 10 (it’s not loli, pervs!), Until We Meet Again + Warm Bonds, One Play and Charming + Docchi Docchi Which Is My Boyfriend.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(14 MB, 18 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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12 years ago

Hi Oliver (Olivier ?)
Thanks for the share – and for the gigantic amount of hentai which is now in my computer, of course ;-)

Just a note, though: cousin marriage is perfectly legal in France and in many countries of the world. Actually, in the Western world, it is forbidden only in USA – though its status varies from state to state. Cousin marriage is known to have various biological implications, such as a higher rate of defects birth and pre-birth mortality – comparable to those encountered with women over 40 – but also higher fertility rates (a fact already noted by Charles Darwin – who was married with his cousin !). By the way, that is also why many jurists considered that (from a religious-free point of view) forbidding cousin marriage would mean forbidding over-40 pregnancy as well.

I don't know for the US and other European countries, but having incestuous consenting sexual relationships is allowed in France. Not that having a child is a good idea, of course, because of the higher consanguinity it implies. This is also true of children born from cousin marriages: they should refrain from having children with cousins because the risks (death, illness) would be much higher.

Keep going,
Tschuss :-)

More intel there:

11 years ago

Good stuff you are sharing here. Tho abit short-never had enuff fluff to keep me going :D