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Shuffle hentai doujin [English] : Rose Pink, by Lunch Box

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How should I say, it was average, but tolerable

The scenario is mostly empty (a young virgin female teachers gets to enjoy a horny student’s experienced cock), and the drawings have an amateurish feeling (I can’t really describe why, it’s just I feel they’re lacking the polish born from experience). And yet, I still felt this manga wasn’t too bad, after all, if you gave up on having exceptional drawings and a good scenario, there was a chance to find it usable :o
Basically, as always, it’s up to you at this point, I hope at least a few of you will love Rose Pink ! :)

Credits are for Blu Meino and Wrathkal, from Chocolate Scans and Little White Butterflies, thank you ! :)

Update : it appears this is a Shuffle doujin, featuring the female teacher Nadeshiko Benibara. I had no idea, thanks for the commenters !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(35 MB, 49 pictures, English)

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hmmm…another teacher catch two students making out and then she get's involved and slowly craves for the dicks of her students…hmm where have i seen this before, quite frankly everywhere these days, it lacks originality and the drawing seem old school to me, but it's still above par that's for sure. scenariowise, oliver has it spot on, not much happening new. nevertheless, it's another great share.

thanks oliver


this is that female teacher from Shuffle


This appears to be a doujin from the eroge game and anime “Shuffle!” if I’m not mistaken, and thanks to being a fan of that series, no matter how much this doujin sucks, I’m still grateful for the share Oliver. ^_^

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Nadeshiko Benibara from "Shuffle!" The anime is one of my fave in my teenage years…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the precision :)

General Hentai
General Hentai

Gah. Drawings are horribad. Had to 1-star it since the teacher doesn't look at all like Nadeshiko, who has one hell of a rack in both anime and game, and who's also one tough cookie. She's not some brain-dead sheltered girl like she's portrayed in this doujin. Totally OOC, which could be somewhat forgiven if the drawings were good are accurate. Still, thanks as always for the share.


i am totaly agree with general!!


For those who are not familiar with Benibara-sensei I will let you in on some information: She doesn’t wear stockings/thighhighs.


The grumbling amongst purists of the show alone piqued my interest. Now I have to download it just as a show of defiance. Thanks for the upload.