Easter eggs ! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Just a little news, I added more pictures to illustrate the “OH NO!” pages :)

– 7 new “nothing found” pages (that makes it 16 in total), shown if you search for keywords not present on the blog
– 1 new “404” page, if you open a URL pointing to a page not existing on the blog

(And before someone complains : the pics are loaded by random order. It may NOT look random at all for you, but if you open Excel/Calc and note the occurences of hundreds of events, it starts looking more random. Just deal with our psychological inability to intuitively agree with statistical laws)

This is one of the GREAT things when you have your own blog, you can have as much fun as you like fine-tuning it, and it’s even allowed to screw up as long as you did backups :D

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amazing stuff :D

will try it now :P


needless FTW


I love going through and seeing which ones I recognize.

And the ones I don't recognize make me lol anyway, so I still win!


Aw dude, good stuff, the 404 was damn good, and the failed searches were hilarious(Loving the needless and Yotsuba&), strangely enough, the search couldn't find any post with the word "T-Rex" lol

Sol Hwan
Sol Hwan

Sweeet. You have brought a smile to another person's life, bro. Soul Eater, Medeka Box, Yotsuba&, all awesome things. The Mario Luigi bunnysuit one, although old, still frightens me. *laughs*