Virgin Addict, by Emua, has been updated with a continuation : The Infirmary Teacher’s Secret [English]

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I kept the same picture, sorry ^^

And here comes a second part to the story, with an entirely different title (making it hard to manage for me, I ended up deleting the first part and keeping parts 1 & 2 together under the same folder) : The Infirmary Teacher’s Secret :D

I must confess I’ve been lazy, I simply updated my post with Virgin Addict (link !), so that it now offered an updated Zip repacked with both Virgin Addict and its continuation, The Infirmary Teacher’s Secret ^^

In part #1, the male hero, a highschool student, and his girlfriend, the school’s nurse in her twenties, are gaily dating and ravel in the discovery of the joys of anal sex.
In part #2, to my great surprise, the scenario takes a turn that’s more “realistic” than expected from a hentai manga. The heroine is no teen anymore. She years for more sophisticated thrills. The male hero faces a growth crisis.
This isn’t bad, this is definitely unsettling, but not bad :)
Credits are once again for Desu (translation) and Grey Fox (excellent commissioning, sugoi !), with’s Tenchi20 for the scanning. Thanks a lot to them three :)

Virgin Addict + The Infirmary Teacher’s Secret is available HERE :)

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10 years ago

So It's an "almost-NTR" because she fucks other guys or what?