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Mixed Cheerleading Club [English, 206 pictures], by Shinama

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Pity the artist's talent was wasted on such a story

Even though I was extremely excited to discover Competitiv Swimming, by Shinama, I must confess I’ve been quite disappointed by his other manga, Cheerleading Club. So, let’s be blunt : if you’re new to this artist, PLEASE begin with Competitive Swimmin, so that you don’t start a good manga with a bad memory of the artist, OK ?
. What I didn’t like in this manga : crossdressing, half-futa girl (girl with a huge penis-shaped clit), lesser drawing quality, pegging in the end, an unrealistic male hero penis, and a less (still full-volume !) interesting scenario, practically without humour.
. What I liked : occasional (much rarer) great drawings, hardcore with vaginal and anal, the cheerleader positions for groupsex, and… damn, that’s all :(

I still extracted one bonus picture, even if you don’t read this manga, it would be a shame to miss it :lol
I’ll let you make yourself your opinion, but, once again, please, you’d better start first with Shinama’s other manga, Competitive Swimming :)
Credits are for Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh and whoever translated it :)

By the same artist, I also share Mixed Swimming (221 pictures)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(148 MB, 206 pictures, English)

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A form of bonus picture, something you really aren’t allowed to miss :D


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translated by: Kusanyagi


Today is a good day!


Wow, that is a weird bonus pic haha, thanks for it still anyway Oliver.


page 26-30 are doubled with 31-36?

Alexandrine Library
Alexandrine Library

Your text made me curious, so I started with this book, instead of the other.

I will have to disagree. I mean, the bonus chapter can the thrown away, as it is completely forgettable, but in general terms I liked the book.
1. The cross-dressing is justified, even because it was a way of realizing the most important male fantasy: to make a harem possible. The harem idea is déjà vu, so it is important to be original.
2. The internal scenes, including a defloration filmed from inside is simply brilliant, to say the least.
3. the half-futa girl, I have to agree, is simply ridiculous and completely unnecessary.
3. The artwork is above the average, considering many things I have seen.
4. Well, no one is able to fuck six pussies and six arseholes in a row that way, let alone discharging all those buckets of sperm.

In the name of god taste, i will have to delete the bonus chapter, and I will also have to live with the futa-girl effect.


Oh, yes, there are some duplicated pages as well. I have deleted them also.


same with me Oliver, i don't like story futa girl
but thank for your sharing
sorry i'll skip this one


There are double pages in the manga?


i wish i'm that guy


not sure if i was supposed to, but i found this manga to be pretty damn funny in terms of the WTF moments. they were simply ridiculous


I didn't see a link for Competitive Swimming on the post, but found it through search here:

Looking at that cock-block pic on the bottom. Kinda looks like a cat dick with the spikes.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, they were posted on the same day, so I saw no harm in not placing a link to each other… but, yeah, two years later… :D