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Pack of 2 works by Taropun [English], one funny, the other futa

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I'd love to do the same diet, but instead, I go to a gym

I repacked together two Taropun works released a short time ago, Fatness Lover and Watashitachi Tsukiatterundesu.

The latter is an uncomplicated futanari story, happy futa X futa, rather good-looking I think.
The first one, Fatness Lover, is very funny and well-drawn, I loved it ! ^^ You see, loves ignore body fat percentage, and when a total cutie is in love with her childhood friend who has become fat, she’ll have sex with him every day to help him grow slim again. And it will have pleasant side-consequences she didn’t plan :D

The girl in Fatness Lover is really arousing, the nice teen type, and fortunately we don’t see much of her male partner, save his penis, basically :twisted:
This was brought to us by Hentaignome and Reaper from Mumei TL (Fatness Lover) and a group of persons for Watashitachi Tsukiatterundesu : Purupyon, Tenchi20 Scans, Hellreaver and Synaia, thanks to you all ! :)

By Taropun, I also share the completely crazy Sproingy Stick, Linked Mirror (uncensored version), Akai Ito Kanrikyoku (“Red String Administration Bureau”), Suteki Este (“Wonderful Esthetics”) and the uncensored version of Milk Party.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(35 MB, 42 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
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The futa one is not by taropun.

It's by Purupyon Saitou.


What this guy said.


Love, Fatness Lover, and I do agree with the logic that sex does burn fat especially in their case that they "exercise" every day lol for like 3 months, so it's all possible. (hentai logic that makes sense? 0.0 SHOCK!)


Thanx Oliver, but the mangaka of Watashitachi Tsukiatterundesu is Purupyon Saitou.


Cute story, lack of mindbreak…thank you!