UNCENSORED version of Princess Purpose (abbreviated “Puri Puro”), by Ei Itou (also written ItouEi)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Awwww =) Fucking a princess, every man's fantasy !

Excellent news : H9E isn’t dead or retired ! :woot:
He considered retiring, true, but eventually, he decided otherwise, I’m really glad :)

And he’s back with a bang, the completely UNCENSORED version of Princess Propose (abbreviated “Puri Puro”), by Ei Itou (also written ItouEi). Take the average hentai boy, and make him interact with a princess, her maid, her younger sister, and a female childhood friend, in order to have lots of happy sex to enjoy with GREAT drawings :) Needless to say this gets even BETTER now that the drawings are uncensored :twisted:

I really hope you’ll enjoy it, and thanks so much to H9E, for coming back, and for decensoring this good manga :)

Princess Propose is available on THAT page,
Enjoy the 235 pages of uncensored goodness :)

By Ei Itou, for the moment, I share three tanks. The present one, Princess Propose (235 pictures, now uncensored), Onee-san Ja Dame Kashira (219 pictures) and Anata Wo Sutte Mo Iidesuka (256 pictures, it bites !)

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11 years ago

Many thanx Oliver.