Clesta / Etcycle TOTAL PACK ! [English, 27 volumes, 482 pictures, mostly Uncensored]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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This is one of my favorite hentai pictures, yep :)

Pervy Soldiers, I bring you good news from the Clesta / Etcycle / Kure Masahiro war front ! :twisted:
My Cl-Orz Pack has levelled up !
It has grown into an Etcycle/Clesta TOTAL PACK, simply :) That’s +5 volumes, +106 pages, +1 uncensoring :twisted:

As you may remember if you didn’t burn too many neurons watching pr0n, the artist Clesta has released several hentai works under various names, with on top of all the CL-Orz faptastic series.
Until today, I was sharing the CL-Orz serie in a massive pack of awesome, but I kept Clesta’s other works separately in other posts.
I changed my ways (please, do not misunderstand or exploit my words ^^), and I decided to simply repack in one zip EVERYTHING I have by Clesta, including the non – CL-Orz volumes.

You can grab that heavenly pack on THAT page, enjoy ! :)

First, I replaced my initially censored version of CL-Orz 18 with the newly uncensored version provided by Belldandy100 and Afro Thunda, great job guys !
And then, I added the missing stuff.

These other works I added to the pack are :
– Allow Me To Introduce My Girlfriend (short full-color succubus sex story)
– CL IC1 (average grayscale)
– CL IC4 (poor grayscale)
– Shiroi Koibito (poor grayscale, already shared separately)
– Japanism Girl (great grayscale, already shared separately)
I played my own moralfag brand and excluded the two yaoi works drawn by Clesta, I’m doing my best to forget their very existence.

Summary : New Clesta pack = Old Clesta pack + 5 other works + CL-Orz 18 newly uncensored :)
And New Clesta Pack = EVERYTHING by this awesome artist :)

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11 years ago

Great post. Many thanx Oliver,