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Cappucino [English], by Akira Gotoh

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No need for a babelfish, dicks and vagoos are known to practice telepathy

Frankly, I’m still ill at ease, the girl looked a bit young to me, even if I thought she was just petite. Then I asked the notorious loli-hater (*cough*) Biribiri on twitter, and he told me that, in his eyes, she was neither loli nor pettanko.

So, screw it, it’s a petite young woman, period.

Erm, where was I, already ? Oh, yeah, I was supposed to give you a summary.
After his father remarried, a young man finds himself with a brand new stepsister, with a delicious chocolate skin. The girl doesn’t speak a single word of Japanese (not even “baka !”, wow), fortunately she’s expert at body language, and her hole body was telling “let’s have sex” ! Thus, sex followed, good sex, with a good dose of eroticism (not just repeatidly penis ==> vagina boring shots.)
Dark-skin loving thanks are for my dear ACF and Blu Meino, from Chocolate Scans, great job guys ! :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(15 MB, 25 pictures, English)

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Sol Hwan
Sol Hwan

Thank you, another nice work of hentai, Oliver. (^w^)
Oh, while we're on the same topic of the artist, Akira Gotoh, I recall you posting up Newscasters Vol. 1 – 2, when looking back, you were unable to remember the name of the doujin and updated only the Raw version.
Anyways, whether you already know or not, I believe I found it, the title being "9 O'Clock Woman".
I searched through all the typical hentai sites, e-hentai and whatnot and it indeed seems that there is no English Translation of this floating about online. Or maybe it's just me…
Well, if you already know then forget what I've said. And once again, thanks for keeping this site up and running for all this time.
친구, 감사합니다!


FYI: According to BluMeino, the editor of this translated tale. There is a part two, in Manga Bangaichi 2012-04. And it will be translated.

Oliver AKA The Admin



cool no wonder it felt somehow empty:P theirs a missing part! XD


this is pure win…


The filehost link seems to be messed up. It says error due to double header.


The preview pic says it all "Whoa…..That's…….Really hot…." so true, even with that damn censorship, i love me some dark skinned girls, and the fact that she didn't understand japaneese just added to her cuteness then ridiculous eroticism, HNNNNNGGGG! that face.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yes Luke… Join the dark HNNNNGGGG side ;)


Interesting art style.


Nice. And I'll side with the camp that holds she was of legal age. It was a cute cultural miscommunication (or was it?) story. I just wish the ending wasn't such an ambiguous one.


Not to pick nits, but you should say 'Her WHOLE body…'